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“Change your code and you change your world.”

Teknogods team

“Change your code and you change your world.”

Teknogods team

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We’re developers of several PC game mods. Adding new features to the games (that were not in the original game) takes time and we do it in our spare time as our hobby. This modding site is not profit oriented – we’re trying to keep it running from donations & our own money when needed.
We never publish any files that were shipped with the game and we’re absolutely against piracy.
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TeknowMW3 v2.8.0.4 *updated*

Hello there,

Yet another version is out. Fixes spaces in nicknames, some crashes and adds little features. Change log below:
PS. This one is really final, don’t expect any fixes for a long long while from now.

  1. [MISC] Adjusted maxfps to minimum of 46 (in loader and in-game).
  2. [MISC] Spaces in nickname/title are now allowed (again).
  3. [BUGFIX] Fixed yet another IW bug when class was set to one that had no weapon-data loaded (crashing the client in result).
  4. [FEATURE] Added a security list of dvars that servers will not be able to set for clients. They are:
    “sec_sv_blocked_dvars” and “sec_cfg_blocked_dvars” – both can be set in “config_mp.cfg”, for example:
    seta sec_sv_blocked_dvars “cg_hudChatPosition;cg_chatHeight” –this would protect those 2 dwords against changes from done by the server
    seta sec_cfg_blocked_dvars “cg_hudChatPosition;cg_chatHeight” –this on the other hand, would allow servers (assuming same dvars wouldnt be also blocked using the feature above) to be changed at runtime, but any writes to “config_mp.cfg” for them would be replaced with their default values.
    This basically means you can now protect against some rogue dvar-changes initiated by the game servers (using “sec_sv_blocked_dvars”) or, allow servers to change some risky dvars, but instead, block their write(s) to “config_mp.cfg” (using “sec_cfg_blocked_dvars”).
    Default blocked values:
    “sec_sv_blocked_dvars”: Only “compassSize” for now.
    “sec_cfg_blocked_dvars”: All dvars starting with: “con_”, “cg_Scores”, “cg_chat”, “compass”.
  1. [FEATURE] Added a new dvar “sv_current_dsr” that is automatically updated whenever a new DSR is loaded.
  2. [MISC] Nicknames/titles with spaces are now allowed (again).
  3. [FEATURE] Scripts: Added Utilities.SetConnectErrorMsg(string) function – use this to set error message that will be sent to clients that got denied entry via another new feature:
  4. [FEATURE] Scripts: Added a callback/event: OnClientConnect(Func, bool> func)
    How it works: Once server gets a connection-attempt request, this event will be fired up with a dictionary containing all client info.
    Callback should by default return FALSE. If you return TRUE (eatIt?), it will tell the server to deny entry to the client.
    For example: if (args[“name”].ToLower().Contains(“hax”)) { Utilities.SetConnectErrorMsg(“you hax bruh!”); return true; }
  5. [BUGFIX] Scripts: Entity.IP fixed, again. Hopefully for good this time.
  6. [MISC] While B3 normally uses “net_authPort” (that can be used for another service, in which case we increase that port by 1), we have added a new server param “-b3port XXXX” (where XXXX is a port of your choice of course).

Downloads *updated*:

  • via Mega.co.nz (mirror/recommended)
  • via Teknogods.com
  • UPDATE: In the archives above, “TeknoMW3_Client_Launcher.exe” had a small bug that made it impossible to set FOV other than 90 & a small crash if “dw” folder was missing.
    So here is a FIXED ONE!

“TeknoMW3_2.” SHA-1: b1be47bf7a0cde2c6a0b0852176c82c5c848be70

PS.: Official IW Game files (IWD/FF/EXE) for  MW3 version 1.4.382 are not included in this pack, get them on your own from Steam.

SHA-1 Checksums:

63c1d1fcc7f9d76f4bb4fff7cd8f8614a8dbbf63 *InfinityScript.dll
6ddeadf9556bccb081f427c39db54a0829b928bc *mono-2.0.dll
7aba87c2696dc4d70eb6a3df9d046264121b228e *TeknoMW3.dll
e317fa2c6740d04cc1daa64de08d0f9694d87568 *TeknoMW3_SteamPlugin.dll
d6cd889b6f31394c5a712e0445ba53592521f85e *TeknoMW3C.dll
5002bf423f185c94e02050528d31c91cabf7d58d *TeknoMW3S.dll
6ddeadf9556bccb081f427c39db54a0829b928bc *mono-2.0.dll__2109
003b8b75c0d4bd64248cf5902b41a0e429dc8986 *mono-2.0.dll__5011
0640f7e0473de7e952bc4a1ad3debce6ae713f3d *TeknoMW3_Client_Launcher.exe
4d402c8779700e3f098d6515ed086739bf5166a1 *TeknoMW3_Server_Launcher.exe
d6dfd70d391c4814ce8c4f2e8bf0c41e7deed1ee *TeknoMW3_Update.exe
730bd48cec8c662d6d3795c630046fe068b6cae8 *README.txt
0b9d47aa80ead97b287b1d76c837946a266ca47f *client.wyc

Have fun,

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