Royal BNA Driver –


* Added Intel Driver Update (
* Increased Performance on some games.
* Added Avalon.reg and Addgame.reg (this time Addgame is only 1 Registry).




Minecraft server


our minecraft server has been live for a while now, we are looking for possible players around the globe.

The server is located in the UK, thing is we don’t have to allow all sort of weird people there who will burn our houses and smoke our crack.

So send me an email and explain why you want to be whitelisted for our server.

Current bukkit plugin list:

[SEC] WorldGuard [5.0-dev]
[ECON] iConomy 5.0.1
[MECH] Citizens v1.0.8h
[ECON] DynamicMarket v. – Versatile Shop Plugin
[ECON] iConomyChestShop 2.75
[SEC/MECH/ECON] Residence v2.2 – Self serve area protection system! Buy/Sell Land! Economy!
[RPG] sRPG v0.5alpha1 – completely customizable RPG and Combat system
[FUN] BetterMechanics v1.5 – Bridges, Doors, Gates, Cauldrons and more
[TP] HomeSweetHome v0.8.3 – Multiworld player homes with iConomy5
[MISC] Dynmap v0.17 – Realtime Minecraft maps
[MISC] CommandHelper [3.1.0] – Repeat commands! Aliases! Advanced command scripting!

– Reaver

Select game you want to be hosted

After my post on Facebook we got lot of replies on what games should we host, so follow the link and vote for your opinion.


TeknoGods.dll Beta 21 released!

First I would thank all the donators, you keep me working :)

Beta 21:
– Battle vs Chess supported (Only if you have legit registration code to start the game, crack breaks LAN)
– Dirt 3 Supported
– Section 8 Prejuction Supported


New languanges!

We have opened help forums for: Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish languages!


Royal BNA Driver – Released!

* Increased Performance on some games.
* Changes on Setup.


TeknoGods.dll Beta 20 released!

First I would thank all the donators and the generous person who donated 100€ directly via paypal! :)

Beta 20:
– Operation Flashpoint Red River Support
– DLLLoad removed, helper now handles injecting


TeknoGods got sued by Electronic Arts

Finally we are here, I got court documents this morning via mail from Electronic Arts of America about our server emulators and website.

I am sad to announce that we have to shutdown as monday morning.

More information about the documentation etc can be found ->>Here<<-



Teknogods Competition #2

Another competition were held today and the winner is CharlieCRTz!



There was a total of six (6) rounds, but CharlieCRTz took the crown.

A little statistics:

CharlieCRTz: 3 rounds
cu12s3: 2 rounds
malu: 1 round

All the players fought very good!

Thanks for participating.


The next competition will be announced later on.



BoLoader 0.8 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader

– included new modloader (thx SuperNovaAO)
– update 6 steamfix support
– minor bug-fixes
– included mod-pack importer
– included Intro (thx Roy/SAC)

-> > Download < <-

– WhiteLion