Xmas Present #2: TeknoGods.dll Beta 19 released!

Crash Time 4Beta 19:
- Crash Time 4 – The Syndicate Support


TeknoSam 2.0 – Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Lan Loader for Update #7

Serious Sam HDXMas present #1 :-)

- Update #7 Support



BoLoader 0.7 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader


- You want it… You get it! -

- update 4 support added
- kicked update support for 1 / 2 / 3
- updated latest ismodloader.dll (thx SuperNovaAO)

-> > Download < <-

- WhiteLion

BoLoader 0.6 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader

BOLoader v0.6 ==Changelog==
- included advanced classes mod (thx holi60)
- included new modloader (thx SuperNovaAO)
- update 2/3 steamfix support
- devmap support
- version check
- new GUI

-> > Download < <-

- WhiteLion

BOLoader V0.5 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader Released!


- killstreak support (mod included)
- choose classes (mod included)
- use custom mods
- injector/modloader included (no external stuff needed)
- save name
- “console open key” can be changed

-> > Download < <-

- WhiteLion

TeknoGods WDUnpacker for Two Worlds 2 & Two Worlds 2 Console Commands

two_worlds_2_pcHappy news for Two Worlds 2 people, I’ve made lot of progress with Two Worlds 2 and would like to release some tools.

Special thanks to a friend who wrote the WDUnpacker! :)


->>Console Commands<<-


BoLoader 0.2 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader Released!

COD Black Ops->>Download<<-


Hello, sorry I forgot the pay some bills and the domain expired and wasn’t renewed, but it’s up again as promised.

If anyone was scammed by hxxp://www.teknogods.org you may send email to this person: t1337dude@gmail.com. Also you can find bunch of information of him by writing t1337dude is google. All information by him would be nice, let’s make it happen.

Talk about him ->>Here<<-42484517


TeknoR6Vegas2 3.0 Released!

- Added Terrorist Count Selector (Only tested in Terrorist Hunt SinglePlayer+LAN)
- Added Flags so you can select what you want (See included .bat files)
- Added Eyefinity Patch Support
- Added check for correct executable


Website Competition

Dead-Rising-2-Gameplay-20-01Draw a new forum avatar(size 96×96) to  Reaver and 1920×1080 wallpaper about TeknoGods or Reaver. Win a Dead Rising 2 key!

Send them by email to reaver@teknogods.com . Use “Drawing Competition” as subject in the email so they don’t get lost in spam box.

Deadline is 22nd October!