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Server Crash

Failure_KirkHello our host had massive RAID system failure and we lost all data, luckily friendly neighbourhood keb had automatic backups to other remote machine from our box and all data was saved! :-)

hail keb!


Xmas Present #2: TeknoGods.dll Beta 19 released!

Crash Time 4Beta 19:
- Crash Time 4 – The Syndicate Support


TeknoSam 2.0 – Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Lan Loader for Update #7

Serious Sam HDXMas present #1 :-)

- Update #7 Support



BoLoader 0.7 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader


- You want it… You get it! -

- update 4 support added
- kicked update support for 1 / 2 / 3
- updated latest ismodloader.dll (thx SuperNovaAO)

-> > Download < <-

- WhiteLion

BoLoader 0.6 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader

BOLoader v0.6 ==Changelog==
- included advanced classes mod (thx holi60)
- included new modloader (thx SuperNovaAO)
- update 2/3 steamfix support
- devmap support
- version check
- new GUI

-> > Download < <-

- WhiteLion

BOLoader V0.5 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader Released!


- killstreak support (mod included)
- choose classes (mod included)
- use custom mods
- injector/modloader included (no external stuff needed)
- save name
- “console open key” can be changed

-> > Download < <-

- WhiteLion

TeknoGods WDUnpacker for Two Worlds 2 & Two Worlds 2 Console Commands

two_worlds_2_pcHappy news for Two Worlds 2 people, I’ve made lot of progress with Two Worlds 2 and would like to release some tools.

Special thanks to a friend who wrote the WDUnpacker! :)


->>Console Commands<<-


BoLoader 0.2 – Black Ops Multiplayer Bot Loader Released!

COD Black Ops->>Download<<-


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