Added Intel Version: (
The Sleep Bug is back but the performance increased a bit in some games:
I tested this games:

-PES 2013 (The gameplay was more smooth than before)

-They Bleed Pixels (With the V3 version the game was running at 50-75% of Speed -slow motion- now It runs at full speed).

My friend tested this in 64 Bits:

- League of Legends: My friend said:Well before this new update I would get between 10-21 fps with low resolution and everything on very high and like 0-9 in a teamfight and this was before the graphics update they made and everything And when they made the graphics update I was getitng like 9-15 so it was hard to play.. like really hard. But with this driver it made my fps boost up..Like I stay at 21-40 fps through the entire match with 1360×768 resolution and very high everything(except shadows), And team fights aren’t as laggy but still are in a sense and everything runs smoothly and better.

Test other games by yourself.


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