– Disabled folder check
– Stability fixes

2.7.0 *final release*
– Master server moved to an official host
– Minor security tweaks


5b6ce7a707774c6ab766a3b9d41a92de *ReadMe.txt
c0cced948050b991e77d8c4b4441d662 *TeknoMW3.dll
22e79a38cfba1fe6f0997d4f5e70a051 *TeknoMW3.exe
593f7e0a32246469ab8ef9c93aad1ebc *TeknoMW3_dedicated.exe

Questions and Answers (Q&A):
Q: I'm running a 2.6.x server/client, should I update?
A: Yes, upgrade to 2.7 is mandatory. You need to update to this version in order to make your server visible to others and to see the servers in the game (History/Favorite lists remain unchanged).
Q: Can I continue using 2.6.x beta version?
A: The old master server (2.6x and below) will be shut down today. You won't be able to see any games with the old version.
Q: I can't run the game! It says my game is not legitimate :(
A: Seems like you're using a pirated version or you did something wrong. Please install the game again using Steam.
Q: Okay you got me - I was using a pirated version - what can I do now?
A: Buy the game! Granted, you might be living in some country where the Internet connection is a problem, but the game is only 19,99 at After the purchase you're all set to use our mod offline (LAN party for example).
Q: Will you continue the development after the v2.7.0.0?
A: Time will tell. Currently we are evaluating if it's worth our time. It's our hobby - don't forget that. Our original goals have been met - The game works offline/on LAN. That's enough for now.
Q: Have you heard about AlterIW guys?
A: Yes. We wish them good luck - their MW2 MOD is awesome. We currently we have no further comments on that.
Q: I've donated and now you released the final version and I can't play!
A: We are sorry to hear that. We've received very few donations overall. Another thing, and we've been saying it since the day one: we're against piracy - our MOD will only work with the original game.
Q: I want to play on official servers, but they require 1.5 version - Then I can't switch back to TeknoMW3 because it requires 1.4 version?
A: That is correct - for now we're not supporting versions over 1.4.382
. You should create a copy of your 1.4.382 game folder (from Steam\steamapps\common) before updating to 1.5+. This way you can connect to official servers anytime and use TeknoMW3 as usual.

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- TeknoGods Team -