New version, here we go::

– Added dedicated server launcher ‘TeknoMW3_dedicated.exe’ for linux(wine)/windows.
– Removed admin requirements from running the loader.
– Added domain support now, you can use IP addresses or domains.
– FOV restricted to 80.
– INI no longer gets written over each time game is ran.
– Fixed 0xC0000005 crash.

MD5 Checksums:

0d9caee65e44cdc87abd6bf3003dd863  *ReadMe.txt
03e5874e6912bd1f5b0e6ab0fccd0bba  *TeknoMW3.exe
3e0e8e44f308cb0acec2a712735c34db  *TeknoMW3.dll
1190d91b3e5e6816dd049c47e838f4a1  *TeknoMW3_dedicated.exe

Download it here.

Have fun,

– TeknoGods Team -