A new slightly tweaked version of the MOD is finally out. Here’s the change log:

– Dedicated servers have now lowered CPU requirements to 1Ghz.

– Fixed a bug in Loader where it couldn’t read process memory sometimes
– Fixed a bug in loader where it would take IP as Dedicated server port
– Fixed a bug where it would require all game executables to be present.
– Lighter process starting.

MD5 Checksums:

646089f9007ef471836ef4ec84783816 *TeknoMW3.dll
f35da6bf21ead52549bb5963f4de08da *TeknoMW3.exe
24e4b00449ff7b56b5734c6a8d22294d *ReadMe.txt

Download it here.

Now, I would like to address a few things:

  • First of all – alterIW irc channel guys – some of you need to grow up. Seriously, where is this hatred coming from? We’ve done an offline MOD for MW3, not saying it’s better or worse. We took a different approach, target is a different audience. If our MOD doesn’t suit you, get over it, that’s all.Remember – we’re doing it for free, donations merely help to keep this site running, and as you see, we couldn’t even afford a better server for the website with it.
  • Speaking of which – the server. After our TeknoMW3 2.0 release it got blown up. Seriously, to many people tried too many things at once. The good news is, we’ll be moving to a new server soon.
  • Which brings me to related topic – when the migration to a new host is completed, we’ll start the Internet Server List feature. So yeah, it’s coming…
  • Last news piece – The “TeknoMW3_dedi.exe” launcher for the Linux fans will be released within 1-2 days, so be patient :)

That’s all! Have fun,

– S -