News Writer/Reviewer Position Open!


We are looking for a good blogger to write about modding news and review games.

How would you feel to spend some hours of your time a week writing articles about latest news about game modding and review latest games/mods (on Twitch Stream). And get all sort of new games for free!

If you are a student or have lots of time and play all sort of crazy games please contact us! The harder you work the more games you get ;-)


– Good English Speaker/Writer

– Lots of Self-Confidence

– Funny guy/girl

– Lots of free time to review and play games

– Good attitude

– Loyal to the cause

You get:

– X amount of latest games for free per month

– Reputation as a member of a big modding site

You may apply at use subject “<<News Master>>” without the ”

Send some story about yourself, why we should pick you and picture (You need to stream your face obviously on Twitch anyways). Thanks.


TeknoGods Competition #3


Hello guys, we are hosting a competition.

There are 2 different competitions:

1. Logo competition, we need a new logo for Main site and forums. (2 logos)

– Best Logo wins a free copy of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

2. New video intro (for Twitch Intro, Youtube etc.

– Winner of Best Video can select free copy from one of the following games:

  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
  • Far Cry 4
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity
  • Grand Theft Auto 5.

Send you competition work ->>Here<<-


EP2 – Pointersearch with CE (no ASM needed!)

== EP2 – Pointersearch with CE ==


You will learn:

– how pointers work in memory
– how to use Cheat Engines generic search for pointers
– Target: Giana Sisters / diamonds and what else we will find
– create patch file for poke em

You will need:
– Cheat Engine 6.4 – -> > Download < <-
– Poke em 2.x – -> > Download < <-
– Giana Sisters (Twisted Dreams) – -> > Download < <-


Starting @WhiteLion´s Twitch channel on 22th Nov. / 17:00 Berlin-timezone (see counter!)

-> > View Twitch< <-

– WhiteLion


For those who missed it: Get tool and see recorded EP1 here…
-> > View WhiteLion´s Twitch Forum Thread < <-

Cease and Desist Letter from Activision


Last night I got an email from some Lawyer Agency from United States of America to Cease and Desist “modding”, “modded lobbies” and “Modding Services” of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

I don’t quite understand what modded lobbies? We haven’t even released anything regarding to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, so I contacted a top-notch lawyer who already told me what to respond.

DMCA doesn’t apply in Finland nor does any United States of American laws. Also European Union’s highest court has already ruled Reverse Engineering legal in entire Europe. [source]

Like you guys know we are against piracy (Those at least who have been banned in the forums), never broken any EU/Finnish laws and we take no money from any mods (Which this C&D claims and want accounting of profits we made from these mods).

Is Activision so poor that they need money that we have made, problem is that we haven’t even made any money.

I will carry on my research on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Obfuscation to resolve performance issues as that I am legally allowed to do on my own computer and like always we will not release any content that has copyrighted work of others.

You may discuss about this thing here


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Learn how to be a GOD EP4


The new episode is here!

Also WhiteLion had his first video yesterday, that is also now up.

Hope you learned something :)

Within 2 weeks all my new equipment should arrive which allow me to stream my old console games, arcade games etc.

We will have once a week “Reaver plays” episodes where I play old games with my friends. If these are popular I will do them more often.

->>PE files for Learn how to be a GOD EP4<<-

->>Link to all videos & Discussion<<-


1st Episode – Introducing a new tool and showcase

== Introducing a new tool and showcase ==


I will show you how to use the tool made by TeknoGods which is related to reaver´s tutorials.

– how to use and showing all components of the tool
– talking about vision of how this could be used for the community
– how you can help to make this project successful and collect content


Starting @WhiteLion´s Twitch channel on 15th Nov. / 17:00 Berlin-timezone (see counter!)

-> > View Twitch< <-
– WhiteLion


For those who missed it: Get tool and see recorded EP1 here…
-> > View WhiteLion´s Twitch Forum Thread < <-

Episode 4 Requirements

NERDS!Hello it’s time to kick up the god gear. Next episode requirements are here:

Same Tapan Kaikki 4.06 as I have. (Click link under “Lataa Peli”)

- Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop or if you own License to Professional, Premium or Ultimate that is ok also. Make sure you install c++ support!!!!

– Administrator rights on your PC (duh).


Cheat Engine

In this episode we will write our first very own trainer.

Steps we will do:

  • Learn how to launch game process from our own loader.
  • Learn how to do simple code hooks to get information required.
  • Learn some C
  • All full open source.

Make sure you watch Episodes 2 and 3 so you don’t get WTF moments!

All episodes are on TeknoGods Youtube channel

– Reaver / TeknoGods

Forum now open for Twitch Ideas and talk!



Forum is now open to talk about Twitch show, give ideas, criticize and more!



2nd Episode now available



Hello guys, even tho I barely made it in time home from the seminar the episode was much better than the first one, but still some issues can be found. Like my stupid face being on top of some of the windows :D This will be fixed in EP3!


First Episode now online

Twitch-logoFirst episode was broadcasted some time ago, hope you enjoy it.


Let me explain some problems during broadcast:

– PC Audio was not captured and I didn’t notice until broadcast was over.

– Game was VERY buggy, christ.

– I didn’t prepare all materials.

For next episode:

– Non-buggy game

– More similar things

– Some DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation) related stuff but nothing too complicated.

– Audio capture fixed.

– I will announce nice projects for the viewers of this series!

-Reaver / TeknoGods