First Episode now online

Twitch-logoFirst episode was broadcasted some time ago, hope you enjoy it.


Let me explain some problems during broadcast:

- PC Audio was not captured and I didn’t notice until broadcast was over.

- Game was VERY buggy, christ.

- I didn’t prepare all materials.

For next episode:

- Non-buggy game

- More similar things

- Some DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation) related stuff but nothing too complicated.

- Audio capture fixed.

- I will announce nice projects for the viewers of this series!

-Reaver / TeknoGods

Episode 1 Required Downloads

Mario jumpsHello my first modestly named Twitch series “Learn how to be a GOD” starts tomorrow.

Downloads for first episode:

- MegaMario ->

- CheatEngine -> (Do not install any “special softawre” it offers and select custom install and untick all)

To keep it simple once you have extracted MegaMario open the Mario.Ini file and change Fullscreen to 0 instead of 1.

Here is content of my Mario.ini:

The broadcast starts at 17.00 CET and if all goes well more episodes will follow. Today I tested broadcasting a bit and all is ready on that part.

You can already subscribe in my Twitch channel:

- Reaver / TeknoGods

Learn how to Mod and more!


Reaver and friends start a brand new series on Twitch.

Every week we will have an Episode how to mod games, starting from the very basics going to advanced and beyond.

You won’t need any special tools or special knowledge as everything is explained from the beginning.

First 10 episodes could be a bit boring to moderate guys but hey, you have been a newbie at one point.

Now is your chance to learn how to modify game and become a GOD!

First broadcast is this sunday, 17 CET.

You can already subscribe in my Twitch channel:

-Reaver / TeknoGods


TeknoBorg Source released!

This is the source for Star Trek: Borg Windows version modernizer. This took a lot of reversing and I would like to thank Obso for patiently helping me with all this math that was involved.

Sadly I lost the source code for the Installer in HDD crash so all that remains is the Installer binary on our website.




TeknoAVGN Source Released!

This is a quickly coded trainer I made back when the game came out, it should still work. It has some WIP code and doesn’t include code to get in to secret DEV levels, maybe I update it later for that. Also hotkey code would need to be refactored as it’s horrible at the moment.




TeknoSyndicate Source Code released!

Syndicate(2012) Developer mode enabler source code released!




TeknoSOF2 Source Code released!

This is the source for patching the binary for Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix to run on newer PCs that have more GL commands than the pre-defined buffers would allow.

If someone wants to make *stealth* loader to play with this online feel free to fork the GIT :)




TeknoR6Vegas2 Source released!

Unreleased version of TeknoVegas2 released, I did this long time ago but never released it.

Binaries will be up later, you can now go to GitHub to get the source. If people show interest and want to help me enable the map editor I am willing to do it.




Source Code Time


New releases coming soon!

I will release most of my TeknoGods works Open Source for free!

Includes mods:
- Rainbow Six Vegas 2 unreleased improved mod that I made but never published. Includes patches to run Map Editor until crash because of missing resources. (TeknoVegas2)
- Serious Sam HD (TeknoSam)
- Red Faction Armageddon (TeknoRFA)
- Saints Row 3 (TeknoSR3)
- Syndicate (TeknoSyn)
- Soldier of Fortune 2 (TeknoSOF2)
- Games for Windows Live (Teknogods.dll)
- Star Trek Borg (TeknoBorg)

Binary only releases (Did these 1y ago -_- but never released coz of not enough testing):
- TeknoMW3 Spec Ops (Works with latest version + DLC)
- TeknoMW2 Spec Ops (Works with latest version)

I have to clean up and fix remaining bugs and then I’ll commit to our github, this can take from 1 week to 2months.

This is perfect opportunity for you guys to learn modding and improve my mods!

->>Discuss here<<-

-Reaver / TeknoGods

Royal BNA Driver – 3.1.1


  • Sleep/Hibernate bug is fixed again and permanently and keeping the stability and performance as always.
  • Several changes in driver code fixing some minor issues.



->>DOWNLOAD [32 Bit Version]<<- | ->>DOWNLOAD [64 Bit Version]<<-